Lead Fishing Tackle Ban Information/Actions
These are PDF files for download  
  These can be used by individuals and groups to sign and send to WDFW Wildlife and Fishing Commission to support the lead ban of fishing tackle on 13 common loon nesting lakes. (Lost Lake is included.)

  This proposal will be discussed at a Commission meeting in October 1-2, in Olympia and people are needed to testify at this meeting regarding support for banning lead and protecting loons.  Fishermen will be in large numbers with opposition and it is time for the other side to be heard.  Any help would be appreciated.
The address or e-mail including the Meeting Calendar is below:

Susan Yeager, Executive Assistant

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission

Phone: (360) 902-2267

Email:  Commission@dfw.wa.gov   

Mail:   600 Capitol Way North

Olympia, Washington 98501-1091

Web:  www.wdfw.wa.gov/commission 



DATES                         LOCATION

October 1-2                         Olympia

Other Supporting Documents