So, what are we doing for loons?

We have developed a brochure entitled "Responsible Watercraft Use." An on-line version of this is available here or you can contact the LLLA and we will send you one which we encourage you to copy and share with enemies, friends and neighbors to help educate people concerning the ways watercraft adversely affect loons.

Signs have been be posted by LLLA, USFS and WDFW at access points and resort areas to help identify loons and report observations back to us.

Plans are being formed to have a banding team return from BioDiversity, Inc, in Maine to help band loons in Washington State for research purposes. Click here to see pictures from a recent banding effort we had.

We continue to pursue grants for the preservation of wetlands and are actively participating in wetland protection.

Education of the public will continue with our Loon Program, which is available for presentation by contacting us.